Go to Work Guilt Free! 

Doggy Day Care is a place for your pooch to come play, learn, love and make plenty of new friends! We have over 60 pooches enrolled for their weekly and fortnightly play dates at Happy Paws. No matter your fur child’s play style and energy levels, they'll be sure to find a few best pals! We can be very active and playful but we also have smaller and calmer dogs who love a cuddle and our undivided attention. 
We love and welcome all energy levels, breeds and sizes!

The benefits of Doggy Day Care are endless! One day of play at Happy Paws can equal upto two days of wind down time at home, leaving no room for misbehaved or destructive behaviours, but leaving you to enjoy lots of cuddles. You do not have to book in weekly as we do accommodate to fortnightly bookings. We are a home based Doggy Day Care with real grass and a large space for your fur children to run and play, or to relax and socialize.

We are not in a centre or facility where dogs are sectioned off from one another, they all get to mingle amongst themselves and find out who their best pals are. You would be very surprised with the unlikely friendships we see at Doggy Day Care, some small dogs like big dogs and some big dogs like small dogs, they are all unique! Our carers spend the whole day playing, cuddling and making sure their socialization is kept friendly and safe, as well as making sure they come home ready to sleep!

At Doggy Day Care we don’t let your pooches fall into naughty habits/behaviours and are monitored closely, if there are unwanted behaviours occurring all owners will be notified. All dogs who come into care must be parasite treated, de-sexed (excluding pups 7 months and under) and vaccinated with proof. Our number one priority is the health and safety of the dogs, therefore, we do not take any risks. Your pooch MUST have prior socialisation and be dog friendly.

Our transport service is a very popular add on for Doggy Day Care. The majority of our clientele use this as their main source of transportation to get their pooch to and from Doggy Day Care. We have opening hours for your own transport but these times can be limited. Please contact us for further information.




No Transport
1 Day - $30.00
2 Days - $55.00

3 Days - $95.00


No Transport (Pair)
1 Day - $55.00
2 Days - $105.00

3 Days - $150.00


1 Day - $35.00
2 Days - $65.00


Transport (Pair)

1 Day - $65.00
2 Days - $125.00

Extra days are charged at full price



Doggy Day Care Notification!
Our Doggy Day Care Service is experiencing high demand. We now have waiting lists for the below days;

- Tuesday's
- Wednesday's
- Thursday's 

If you would like to add your pooch to a waiting list please notify us today!



Doggy Birthday Parties!

You heard right, we hold Doggy Birthday Parties! If you are anything like us you cannot get enough joy out of spoiling your fur baby on their birthday! Your pooches party is personalized by you, we have many activities to choose from, different cakes and also our popular birthday photo if selected!

We also have Doggy Birthday Party packages at discounted prices!

Package 1 - all about them games!
Package 2 - it’s all about me!
Package 3 - fun with friends! 


For all details and birthday party add on activities please contact us!


Doggy Day Care, Your Pooches Heaven On Earth!