Keeping Your Pooches Active! 

Happy Paws Dog Walking offers one on one walks with your pooch, or pooches if you are a multiple pet home. Our walkers come to you and walk your fur babies within the area, we do however accommodate to special trips to parks, ovals or walking trails if requested. 


Your dogs daily walks are extremely important for mental stimulation, weight control, fitness and also a healthy digestive system. Other important benefits of hiring a dog walker include; deterring boredom and the negative behavioural traits that follow (digging, barking, destruction etc.), restlessness, improves anxiety and gives your pooch something to look forward too!


Happy Paws do not breed or size discriminate, we will walk any dog and do not charge extra for larger breeds. If you have concerns about your dogs behaviour while being walked, you can discuss this during our meet and greet to determine the best suitable routine to walk your fur babies. Our walkers deal with many behavioural issues and work hard one on one with your dog, they pride themselves on helping you get a better behaved pooch! A meet and greet is required prior to any walk commencing.  




15 minutes
$12.00 for a single pet
$20.00 for a pair 


30 minutes
$16.00 for a single pet
$28.00 for a pair 


45 minutes
$25.00 for a single pet
$45.00 for a pair


60 minutes
$32.00 for a single pet
$55.00 for a pair

 Additional charges apply for weekend and public holiday walks



Dogs On Adventures!

Dogs On Adventures is a service for your pooch to make memories and have some fun, while exploring with a few friends! There are set activities that are weather dependent - an adventure to suit temperature! Suitable for all dogs & energy levels!

 Each adventure is different with their own name and set activities! There are high energy level adventures, low energy level adventures & adventures to suit those hot Summer days. Some of the activities include; Bush/pine forest walks, trail walks, swimming at Cowwar Weir, Blue Rock Dam & Lake Narracan, visiting reserves & visiting sporting ovals for games of fetch! Each adventure lasts 2-3 hours, dependent on how the dogs are feeling. The duration of the adventure does not include drop off or collection transport times. 

Happy Paws collect and drop your pooches off! Yes you read correct, we come to you! We can offer transport for the following areas; Trafalgar, Moe/Newborough, Morwell, Traralgon, Tyers, Glengarry & Toongabbie. This service runs on a Monday, but keep an eye out for more availability in 2020!

For further information please email us!



Fetch Frenzy!

Do you have a fetch addict at home and don't think a walk would cut it? Or are you just wanting to give your pooch a little something to look forward to while you're at work? Maybe a solid game of fetch might do the trick! We come to you and take your fur baby to the closest oval/reserve for a one on one game of fetch!




15 minutes
$20.00 for a single pet
$30.00 for a pair


20 minutes
$25.00 for a single pet
$40.00 for a pair


30 minutes
$30.00 for a single pet
$50.00 for a pair


 Additional charges apply for weekend and public holiday Fetch Frenzy sessions 



Hiring A Dog Walker Is Not Only Beneficial For Your Pooch, But For You Too!